Richard (whiskeylover) wrote in hogwartsclass,

Admittedly, not really HP related, but I thought it was a worthy cause...

Ok, someone was browsing the interest lists of LJ today and saw that the top spot on the interests was music. All well and good - but lets face it - dull as shite, right? So in their infinite wisdom they have decided to try to alter this sad state of affairs. To this end we need your help - thats right, yours! A phrase has been found that was not on anyone's interest list (although by now it has quite a few adherents), and I have added it to mine. I expect everyone on my friends list to add it to theirs. I also expect you to ask your friends to do the same. As such a wave of this interest will sweep out and, hopefully, conquer livejournal! The goat is gonna get it! The phrase that you should add to your interests is:

Falsifying Statistics
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