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The Potions class is back up and running on a regular basis now! I apologise - football eats at my time horribly. Anyway, the class will not stop running for such a long time agains!

Which brings me to the fact that there is a Test which all of you should complete and mail me! It's 15 questions worsth 10 points each, so you could win your house 150 points all by yourself! And with Halloween approaching, all of you should be striving to earn your house as many points as you can. The test is easy marks, since I have taught you all the things on it, and I haven't taught you all that much yet. Confused? Check out the community Memories - all lessons are there!

The dead-line is Tuesday, September 27.

Also, since my class is regular again, any new students are welcome and encouraged to join! Potions is an amazing subject - you won't regret it! Here is where you go - potions_dungeon. Please read community info and rules before joining.

Anyway, I expect all my students to have done this test.


Professor Ellery.
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